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Medical laboratory science students can learn procedures online through viewing films and problem solving in a virtual Biosafety Level 2 laboratory. The interactive process allows for the identification of X microorganisms. The primary goal of the Virtual Lab is to improve students' preparedness for real laboratory environments in Medical Laboratory Technology Programs.

The Virtual Lab is comprised of videos and images of the procedures and techniques performed in a clinical microbiology setting. The data is presented in the same format as bacterial identification is accomplished in the laboratory. Using algorithmic charts, the Virtual Lab mimics the linear process used for bacterial identification. By viewing videos and images of each procedure the student is able to accurately identify and problem-solve their way to accurate identifications of many bacteria.

The Virtual lab is designed to promote mastery of a broad array of procedures and bacterial nomenclature utilizing a unique pedagogical element. As repeating lab training is often expensive this program allows the student to repeat lab components as many times as they need to in order to fully absorb the procedures.

Helene Marie Goulding, BAHSc, MLT, MA
Aaron Gates
Project Manager
Shannon Brandjs
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The Virtual Lab is a flow chart designed to identify bacteria.

  1. Watch the video (sometimes there is a photograph instead).
  2. Choose a test result by clicking on the thumbnail. If you hover over it, the picture will zoom in so that you can see it better.
  3. When you click on the thumbnail, you will move down the identification pathway until you reach the final identification of the organism.
  4. If make an error, it will redirect you to go back to where you chose the wrong path.